Civilian Corner


President and Mrs. Lincoln [Captain and Mrs. Kiss]

New Civilians click here! by David Vargo and Joanne P. Shelby

[Diane Kleinfelter, Martin Neaman, Linda Baltos] [gown at ACFL May 2006]


Sutlers of Civilian Wares by Roberta Smith and Traci Woodman


Civil War Era Ladies Head Wear by Joanne P. Shelby


The Pittsburgh Relief Committee


Womens Roles in the Civil War from ALLEGHENY CITY GAZETTE, published for the June 2002 Soldiers Fair in Pittsburgh, PA


A Civil War Christmas by Joanne P. Shelby


Godey's Lady's Book



Civil War Women





Joanne Mourning Impression[Rachel McFadden]

JoAnne Shelby-Klein portraying Rachel McFadden
© Michael L. Klein 2019
[MariJean Ferguson]
In memory of MariJean Ferguson
© Michael L. Klein 2019